Junellen's  House Cleaning
"My service runs rings around the competitors"


Beauty Salons, Acupunctures, Spas, Estheticians, Massage Therapists, Skin Care Companies, Chiropractors, Vacation Rentals and many others that use my service.




Appearance Makes "The Difference".  If you operate a Beauty Salon, Spa Facility, Chiropractor, Esthetician, or a Skin Care Business you are aware of the importance of a first impression. I understand that your customers are first influenced by the look and cleanliness of your facility. When you order my fresh, clean, quality sheets and towels, your senses will be pampered by the smell and feel. Your customers will too as your staff's talents begin their treatment.


Whether you choose to use your own linens, or use the linens I provide, I will launder them and return them per your schedule's needs. Excellent service just a phone call away. I understand and value your profession. I am confident that my performance will compliment the success of both our businesses.


I provide F A S T delivery. I offer personal service where most laundries can't deliver. Efficiencies come from my experience and dedication. We both know emergencies happen but just give me a call and I will be there to relieve that situation.  I can provide linens for all bed sizes, King, Queen and Twin sheets plus pillowcases both Standard and King size. Towels are also available in white bath, hand and face cloths. Black salon bleach shield hand towels are available as well. I also provide linens for vacation rentals.

Free pick up and delivery to Santa Cruz, Aptos and Capitola clients. 

Please visit my website regarding my Linen Service.     www.premiumcustomlinens.com