House Cleaning

When you are looking for a professional housecleaner to handle your cleaning needs Junellen's House Cleaning is the one to call.

I have an outstanding record in quality and service.  I can handle those messy celebrations or just making your active lifestyle more enjoyable when you come home to a clean environment.

I will do my best to be flexible and schedule a time where your home will be cleaned on the day you are in need.  I take pride in leaving your home in a sparkling and organized manner.  If at all possible, I will be there cleaning by myself or I will schedule a professional helper do the work.  Sometimes we work together depending on how many jobs we have for the day. 

I have been professionally cleaning Real Estate Owned (REO) properties for over 47 years.  I also offer my personal service to Homeowners, Realtors and Property Management Companies.

My strength is my loyalty, reliability, experience and commitment. My final goal is that you are completely satisfied.



Junellen's  House Cleaning
"My service runs rings around the competitors"